Vision & Values

Since our inception, Navin, Haffty & Associates has followed a vision and set of values that we believe has helped to distinguish us from other consultancies. As a privately held company, Navin, Haffty & Associates is not influenced by external demands that conflict with our clients' goals and objectives. Our privileged collaboration with MEDITECH fosters a positive relationship that naturally and directly impacts our clients' success.
Our Vision:
Navin, Haffty & Associates maximizes the value of the MEDITECH EHR by leveraging our collective expertise and working in the best interest of our clients.
Our Values:
We “do the right thing by our clients,” collaborating closely to achieve their goals and treating everyone with respect, honesty, and fairness at all times.
We provide accurate, sound counsel and advice to our clients. Our recommendations are based on facts and collective experiences, not simply anecdotal evidence or personal opinion.
We care about the long-term success of each customer and strive to foster trust-based, long-lasting relationships with MEDITECH, our clients, and associates.
We make ourselves accessible and available to our clients at all times and make it easy to do business with us.
Thought Leadership:
We seek to be recognized for our in-depth and breadth of strategic and applications-specific information, and strive to be the preferred source of knowledge in this community.
We are dedicated to our associates and seek to maintain our preferred status in the MEDITECH community by:
  • Treating each other with respect, honesty and fairness
  • Creating a community of MEDITECH experts who share knowledge and information
  • Working in the best interests of its associates
  • Valuing initiative and independent thinking
  • Providing services only to the MEDITECH community
We will develop and grow our business through reputation and referrals.