Navin, Haffty & Associates’ CIO Advisory Services provide the right mix of coaching, mentoring, development and support to assist newly positioned CIOs in effective leadership.

Whether an organization promotes from within or has hired a new information services leader from another organization, NHA’s array of services can be for short or long-term success. We focus on providing knowledge and methods for effective IT service delivery and leadership growth. Zeroing in on tactical and strategic areas, our CIO Advisory Services can be provided as a combination of on-site and remote interaction and with varying discretion and confidentiality, as needed.

Recognized as Best in KLAS in 2014, NHA employs more than 20 former CIOs. These experienced individuals have combined their perspectives to establish a portfolio of outcome-driven services specific to the MEDITECH market.

CIO Coaching and Support - We offer insights on strategy, help overcome cultural challenges and provide leadership in support for this increasingly complex role.

Interim CIOs - By providing short-term coverage, NHA helps ensure that your IT strategy remains on track. Our interim CIO supports your IT operations, assists with the selection of your permanent CIO and helps implement changes to position your new CIO for success.

Contracted CIOs - We contract for multi-year commitments for organizations that struggle to recruit and retain the necessary IT leadership talent or where an employee model is not desirable.

NHA provides structure, tools and templates for IT management processes, long-term planning, budgeting, best practices for IT management and practical insights on how your peers at other MEDITECH hospitals are managing key issues. We optimize ITspending through experienced-based methods that foster efficient system procurement, service-oriented IT organizational models and prudent IT staffing allocations. We guide clients to become self-sufficient as they strive to mitigate risk and avoid costly missteps.

Whether a complex integrated healthcare delivery system, a critical access hospital, or a physician practice, NHA would be pleased to discuss our CIO Advisory Services team’s ability to ensure your success.


Navin, Haffty & Associates has been recognized by KLAS for leading more clients to achieve readiness and successful attestation for Phase I than any other consulting firm within the MEDITECH community. Our strong team focused solely on these initiatives continues to stay on top of regulatory requirements and keep in communication with MEDITECH on changes and announcements to support our clients. 


Our executive consulting services include Strategic Planning. Many of our former CIOs lead this team and have often been retained for ongoing support and leadership. Aligning the goals of the organization, our planning efforts are both practical and achievable. Keeping up with industry trends and technology, our team strives to ensure a balance that makes sense for your organization.


The revised October 1, 2015 deadline for implementation and submission of ICD-10 codes has given facilities pause to refresh their implementation and testing strategies for ICD-10. While the final training and implementation have been delayed, the new timeline has allowed renewed interest in end to end testing and system validation. Navin, Haffty & Associates understands that facilities are dealing with many competing internal priorities and other regulatory mandates. We are proud to offer MEDITECH subject matter experts to assess and implement all aspects of the MEDITECH HCIS related to ICD-10 functionality.

ICD-10 Implementation Services

Our implementation methodology consists of a six-stage implementation approach, including assessment, project planning, build, testing, training and rollout. The project manager and subject matter experts will provide support and guidance throughout the process, including assisting with developing the governance model, project plan, project charter, project budget, establishing work teams, managing detailed testing and validation plans, and end-user application training (including physicians, clinicians and coders).

ICD-10 Assessment Services

To fully plan for a successful transition to ICD-10, we will perform a review of all areas that will be impacted. Our ICD-10 assessment consists of a complete analysis of governance, reports, interfaces, clinical documentation, revenue cycle management, testing plans, training, communication plans, and more. We will determine the current readiness of these areas and draft a plan to implement the necessary changes. This is done in conjunction with your facility's staff to accurately assess all impacted areas.