Assessment Services

We offer Assessment Services to help each organization identify their needs in order to prepare for upcoming projects, software implementation, or remediation and optimization efforts. Our approach to Readiness Assessment Services reflects our team’s diverse, in-depth of knowledge, both operationally and within the application and focuses on technical, clinical, and cultural readiness. An assessment is often the first step in a successful project and will become a guidepost to a sustainable build. 

Critical Components of Readiness Assessments include:

  • Organizational commitment, including budgetary considerations
  • Governing body in place
  • Medical staff engagement
  • Review of Teams, including clinical, medical staff and information systems
  • Change management processes
  • Care standardization, including process improvement efforts and patient safety initiatives
  • Technical Infrastructure evaluation and other vendor applications
  • Current applications and depth of use
  • Communication Plan
  • Organizational commitment to staff and physician education

System Optimization

Many organizations realize that after several years utilizing their MEDITECH EHR, they may not have taken full advantage of the system capabilities due to staff turnover, lack of user knowledge, transfer or just not keeping up failure to remain current with the new updates and features. Optimization efforts can require minimal time and effort, and allow organizations to see benefits in the patient experience, care and satisfaction, through information technology. Changes in technologies, such as new tools or standards, or an ability to automate processes, can help an organization be more efficient. As a result, it makes business sense to occasionally step back and evaluate how your system was implemented and if there are opportunities to optimize the system to better meet your objectives. To begin this process, we would initially recommend contacting MEDITECH and requesting an operational audit. MEDITECH provides these services as part of your maintenance agreement and does an excellent job identifying under-utilized capabilities as well as sub-optimal system building. However, if you find that your hospital needs outside assistance to facilitate workflow re-design or re-implementation, Navin, Haffty & Associates brings experienced consultants to assist with optimizing your MEDITECH EHR. We will work with your team to make recommendations and implement the changes to successfully meet your objectives, regaining the value of your MEDITECH investment.

Navin, Haffty & Associates has had particular success with some of the following:

  • Clinical Documentation
  • Physician Ordering
  • Revenue Cycle Improvement
  • Pharmacy
  • Supply Chain Management